Love thyself; treat thyself.

The next post I had planned was supposed to be about spending your hard earned money more wisely by focusing on the things that we use more. The idea is that, as a writer, a $120 pen is not too outlandish of a purchase for me. (Jk, yeah it is. But! I get to enjoy it often.) That was the plan, but here I am sitting in a fancy restaurant sipping on a Chimay and waiting on some crab cakes and a fig and prosciutto pizza. I’m hardly in a position to give advice regarding spending wisely.

How did I end up here? Well, today in Southern California it rained. (Read: barely rained) And in true Californian fashion, every. single. driver*. became 10x worse than they already are and traffic got to the point where I’d rather watch grass grow… or watch a soccer match. It’s the same thing — except in soccer, people get in the way of the grass.

*Except Subaru owners, because love AWD yo’.

My point is that traffic sucked and I was hungry and I wanted out. Segue to the point of this post: Treat yo’ self.

Every now and again it’s a good idea to treat yourself. If you’re in a relationship, you know the importance of going on dates with your significant other. Or perhaps you’re more of a gift giver and you’d prefer to show your love through gifts. The same goes for treating yourself. Treating yourself is your opportunity to tell yourself “Self, I love me.” Readers, we work hard. We hustle. We are the smart, creative, limitless, invincible millennial generation and nothing can stop us! Only, that’s not quite true. If we’re not careful, we can stop us. We can become that tyrannical, over-working boss that we all hate. We can be that supervisor that weasels us into working extra hours over the weekend without overtime.We can do some real damage to ourselves because we are our own worst enemies. We need to remember to keep things in perspective — we do have limits.

This is why it’s important to treat ourselves. By treating ourselves, we get to reward ourselves for the hard work that we’ve done. But, more importantly, we remember what it’s like to be a friend to ourselves, not our bosses. Bosses make demands. Friends encourage. Bosses compare your performance to others. Friends help you grow to become better people. Bosses will take you out to lunch and guilt you into ordering a cheap salad. Friends will encourage you to get what ever you want.

And that’s how I ended up in some fancy restaurant on a rainy Wednesday evening sipping on Belgium’s best. I decided to be my friend instead of my boss. I decided to treat myself. Guys and gals, here’s the thing. There’s a time for working hard. There’s a time to hustle. There’s a time for all of that. Typically, that would be all most of the time. But please don’t ever forget about the person that’s behind all of your success: You.

Now please excuse me why I cry about my empty bank account. (*μ_μ)


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