Writing with a Passion

It seems like traffic has been dictating my actions lately. In my last blog post, I ended up enjoying a dinner for one in a fancy restaurant. Now, I’m in a college-town-hipster-coffee-shop enjoying a cinnamon-something-latte, waiting out the hellish-Friday-traffic. I’d rather watch paint dry. Or watch those 30 second YouTube ads. You know, the ones that are too short to skip but too long to tolerate.

Yes, once again crappy California drivers strike again in the form of Friday evening traffic. But! at least I get to use my fancy pen! Allow me to distract you from the shameless affiliate marketing link by point out an interesting fact: I’m about as computer nerdy as it gets. I’m studying computer science and I enjoy typing on a mechanical keyboard. Yet, I find that using pen and paper really helps my writing in a way that Cherry MX Browns can’t.

Here’s my segue: I’ve taken to writing more and more ever since I got my Lamy 2000. I think I’m a writer in the same way everyone with a smartphone thinks they’re a photographer. That sounds pretty negative except that you’ll see some truly stunning photos generated by those pocket cameras. Now, I’m not claiming that I produce some truly stunning blog posts; the most stunning thing here is the pen in my hand! Quite the opposite! I, a real life photographer, am encouraging you: you smartphonetographer, you.

I’ve been reflecting on what would make me an actual writer. What makes you an actual photographer? What makes anyone a something in anything? This is what I’ve come up with: Passion. The desire to constantly and consistently create better and better content. Experiencing the joys of your craft. Inspiring and receiving inspiration. Abusing run-ons and em-dashes!

This post goes out to those of you finding new passions in life. You -are- a photographer. I -am- a writer. So, let’s not be afraid to share what we create! As long as we are seeking to improve our abilities, we are what we seek out to be.

I’ll admit: the inspiration behind this post came from my fear of posting my last blog entry. But what am I so afraid about? I do this for myself. I do this in the hopes of passing on lessons learned — even if it’s just to one person. (Even if that one person is me.) I’m taking a step outside of my comfort zone with each and every post; and with each and every post I become, more and more, a writer.


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